Surprise at Kettle Moraine homecoming game: Kicker nails field goal from 59 yards out

NOW: Surprise at Kettle Moraine homecoming game: Kicker nails field goal from 59 yards out


WAUKESHA COUNTY Wis. (CBS 58) -- When it comes to kicking field goals - once you get past 50 yards - even players in the NFL have a hard time.

But at Kettle Moraine High School's homecoming game the team's kicker made a huge statement by nailing a field goal from 59 yards out.

This field goal has earned Kettle Moraine Junior Blake Wilcox a bit of national attention. What's also surprising is that he's actually a multi-sport athlete - he had to squeeze in an interview with CBS 58 News between two other practices.

It's one thing to get it through the cross-bars while practicing form but Wilcox had different conditions Friday: loud fans, rainy weather, and 59 yards ahead of him.

"And our coach was originally just thinking of kneeling it and going in for halftime. And then one of our other coaches was like 'let him kick it'," Wilcox said.

"I just put my head down, kicked it hard, looked up and it was straight. It was amazing," Wilcox said.

"I made it and the atmosphere was just crazy and everyone was all over me and like 'Wow, you just set a school record'," Wilcox said.

And it's double-amazing because of this:

"Other than like Peewee football I hadn't ever put on football pads, kicked a football," Wilcox said.

"This is his first year ever playing football in his life and he's a soccer first kid," Justin Gumn, Head Football Coach for Kettle Moraine High School, said.

"When we approached him and he approached us kind of mutually about the agreement - that was one of those things where it was kind of hard to turn down, you know?" Gumn said.

"Like, throughout the summer I worked on the field by myself, sometimes with my dad and sometimes with my kicking coach," Wilcox said.

His kicking coach is Luke Radke - national instructor for Kohl's Camps.

"For him to hit a 59-yard field goal, it's probably the second or third longest field goal kicked in the country this year," Radke said.

"It's exciting and he's just beginning to scratch his potential of how good he could potentially be," Radke said.

Along with balancing his busy schedule, Wilcox said he is trying to keep a level head about his big score.

"It's a pretty mechanical motion and a lot of it comes down to muscle memory," Wilcox said.

"You're only as good as your last kick so I'll move forward," Wilcox said.

Blake also says that he hopes to play a sport - whether its soccer or football - in college. Academically he's interested in healthcare and engineering.

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