Surgeon weighs in on Yelich injury

NOW: Surgeon weighs in on Yelich injury

MILWAUKEE (CBS 58) -- Brewers fans say Christian Yelich’s knee injury has put a dark cloud over a team that had been doing well.

“He’s having just a monster year, and I mean, there are a number of games it seems like he’s won them, the game, by himself," fan Roland Pearson said. "And we’re in a pennant race, and we need him."

Aurora orthopedic surgeon Jonathan Lester says he’s not sure how severe the fracture is, but no matter what, it’s virtually impossible for Yelich to return for a playoff run with a fractured kneecap.

“You require your patella for pretty much any movement where you’re standing," Lester said. "That does include fielding, batting, running, everything. So that’s why it can be so devastating for an athlete.”

Lester says there is good news.

The rehab can take up to six months to return to professional athletic form, but there is minimal risk of re-injury. So when Yelich is back, he should be all the way back.

“He’s not just looking to have a stable knee to walk around," Lester said. "He’s looking to get back to MVP status.”

Lester says despite the long rehab process, he would be very surprised if Yelich was unable to return for the beginning of next season.

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