Sunday Storm Recap

NOW: Sunday Storm Recap

It was a close call on the Sunday storms, but fortunately no warnings were issued. We did, however, have some gusty storms taking down trees branches.

 This was taken yesterday just after 1pm on the city's south side, around 51st and Euclid. Other spots with the broken tree icons reported trees down as well. Additionally, here's a look at peak wind gusts from the storms.
 By the middle afternoon the storms had pushed out with some sun returning, but it was a breezy end to the weekend. You can see the grass blowing in the picture along with swiftly passing clouds.
 We managed to make it to the middle 70s for afternoon highs. One of a handful of days to reach the 70s last week.
 Looks like we have more 70s on the way, but you'll have to wait until Wednesday. That's also the next chance for rain and storms.

I'm meteorologist Rebecca Schuld

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