Sun for Saturday, Storms on Sunday

NOW: Sun for Saturday, Storms on Sunday

MILWAUKEE (CBS 58)--Split down the middle.  Expect sun on Saturday and then showers and storms on Sunday, especially late in the morning and continuing through the day.  We need the rain as our rainfall deficit is growing.  We're more than a half inch below for the month and more than an inch for the year.  It looks like the rain will continue through at least Monday morning as a cold front moves through. Into the afternoon, it dries out and heats up.  Look for highs near 90.  Then 70s and 80s the rest of the week.  

Looking ahead to Labor Day weekend, it actually seems to be on track with highs in the 80s.  Should be fairly quiet at least as it stands now.  Stay tuned.

By the way, a bit of a milestone.  Saturday morning was the first time in more than six weeks we had lows in the 50s.  You have to go back to mid-July for the most recent time.  This is another sign the nights are getting a bit cooler.  Hard to believe next weekend is the Labor Day weekend.

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