Summerfest's Severe Weather Plans

It's day of two of Summerfest.  With thousands of people on the grounds at any given time there are things you should know in the event of severe weather.

The weather is beautiful now, but in the case of severe weather, we're staying in contact with Summerfest represent ices for their tentative plan for this evening.

The National Weather Service is in communications with Milwaukee County and gave her a heads up this morning regarding the timing of storms coming through Summerfest later today. 

If anything approaches Milwaukee County, the National Weather Service says they will give the Milwaukee County dispatch center a heads up call when the storms are about an hour or two away, which is standard procedure for the national weather service and any large events they’re aware of or working with emergency government on. 

We still haven't gotten an official comment from Summerfest representatives, but expect one this afternoon.

Security says the public will be notified in the event of a severe weather situations.

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