Summerfest Announces New Amphitheater Plans, Sponsorship with American Family Insurance

Summerfest will be getting a new amphitheater to go along with a new sponsorship with American Family Insurance.

The deal, announced Monday, was for a "presenting" sponsorship. It's the first time that Summerfest has done something like this and it basically means that when officials talk about the music festival they will say "Summerfest presented by American Family Insurance".

But the other major announcement was on the brand new amphitheater to be built in the footprint of the current Marcus Amphitheater. It's planned to seat 23,000 and may use the same roof as the current facility.

Construction is tentatively scheduled to start in 2019, but the sponsorship will start immediately.

"So we feel great to be aligning our brands - these two Wisconsin iconic brands - and to be on an event that is going to allow us to have our brand in front of a million people that come through those turnstiles each year," Jack Salzwedel, President and CEO of American Family Mutual Insurance Company, said.

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