Summer Pattern Returns!

Our seasons are working in reverse!  Technically meteorological fall begins September 1, but our weather story will be anything like fall with developing heat.  The overall pattern is going to look and feel more like the middle of the summer.

Take a look at the picture I have included.  A deepening trough will continue to strengthen across the Pacific Northwest.  In response to the trough, a substantial thermal ridge will develop across the central plains and the Midwest into next weekend.

This would give us several chances for temperatures in the upper 80s to near 90 degrees.  September on occasion will produce 90 degree heat, but it's not very often.  According to the NWS Milwaukee, we average 0.4 days with 90 degree heat in September.

Parents it looks like you will need to keep the kids summer wardrobe out for the first couple of weeks of September.

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