Study shows hemp farming faces an uphill battle in Milwaukee County

NOW: Study shows hemp farming faces an uphill battle in Milwaukee County

MILWAUKEE, Wis. (CBS 58) – During the Milwaukee County Parks, Energy, and Environment Committee meeting a study about the possibility of growing hemp in the county was presented.

Based on the study, hemp farming still faces an uphill battle in Milwaukee.

The study was requested back in September to see if the greenhouses at the Mitchell Park Domes could serve as a place to grow hemp.

The study looked at things like the space, security, and staff.

Overall, the findings said the space is too small for growing industrial hemp and would require a major investment for staffing, growing equipment, and security improvements.

Patti Zanin, a hemp growing expert from Colorado spoke at the meeting and said an estimated $200,000 would get things going.

Zanin also suggested the committee considered hiring an expert, like herself, to help get the project moving. It’s a salary she estimates could cost the county $1,000 a day or at least $250 per hour.

Hemp supporters and County Supervisor Sylvia Ortiz-Velez feel growing the plant is still a possibility and even see a greater impact for the community.

This was not an action item so no vote was needed. It was simply an informational report.

No one at Monday’s meeting spoke out against the idea.

Supervisor Ortiz-Velez says the next step is to draft a resolution with her colleagues which they will present in June.

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