Study Says Half of Milwaukee Roads are Poor, Mediocre

A report released by TRIP, a national transportation research group says over half of Milwaukee's roads are in poor or mediocre condition.

The report gathered the figures from WisDOT and the Federal Highway Administration.

TRIP released 56 percent of roads in Milwaukee are in poor or mediocre condition. Milwaukee drivers spend about 38 hours per year in traffic; that costs roughly $1,000 in lost time and wasted gas, according to the report. Once operating costs and safety costs are added to that figure, the report says the average driver in Milwaukee spends almost $2,100 per year due to the conditions of roads in the state. Wisconsinites overall are estimated to pay about $6 Billion per year.

"Whether it's manufacturers looking to expand that are having trouble doing so because of the limitations of the infrastructure. Whether it's milk haulers that can't go over the bridges or roads that they need to because they're being weigh limited or posted. Whether it's individuals that are having their front end suspensions done again because of the conditions of the roads. We're hearing those frustrations and stories from every area of the state," said Craig Thompson, Executive Director of the Transportation Development Association of Wisconsin.

During a news conference, Thursday, supporters of the study say it will take about $650 Million to fix all the state's problematic roads. They believe poor roads will deter business in the area.

"After talent and workforce it's probably the number two factor in terms of companies locations decisions in terms of whether they want to come into the region or not, and that's infrastructure. And as we all know roadways are the basis for the infrastructure -- even if they move goods by trains or boat as many of our manufacturers do here. Ultimately, they have to use the roads," said Pat O'Brien, President of Milwaukee 7 Regional Economic Development Partnership.

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