Study says convention center needs to expand

MILWAUKEE -- Expand the convention center.  That's the message from a study released this week about Milwaukee's Wisconsin Center District.

The Wisconsin Center board heard the results Wednesday morning. 

The study surveyed event planners across the country to get a feel for what they see when they think Milwaukee.

There's a lot of information in the study. But some of the highlights include the need for more exhibit space, more exhibit halls, and more meeting rooms. It also said there needs to be an overall improvement of the area around the center.

That seems to take a direct shot at the areas surrounding the Wisconsin Center now. 

Cities like Nashville and Indianapolis are cited as comparisons.  The study leader says Indianapolis provides a good blueprint for success.

\"They concentrated a lot of their public facilities, assets in their downtown area,\" HVS Managing Director Tom Hazinski said.  \"Over many years made improvements and as a result it's a highly successful convention destination. There's no reason Milwaukee couldn't be as successful.\"

The study says it's clear there needs to be other sources of revenue to fulfill this potential expansion.

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