Study finds baby boomers were more sex, drug, and alcohol crazed than Millenials

When you put 18-34 year-old's or Millennials, and baby boomers side by side, who will come out as the wild child?

Turns out it's baby boomers. A new National Institutes of Health study found that the group was more likely to drink, smoke, have sex, and had more sexual partners.

The study pointed to sex health education as a deterrent for Millennials. They were more likely to know about std's, pregnancy, and the harmful effects of drugs and alcohol, unlike boomers. Also, the taboo factor made living on the wild side more appealing for boomers, Millennials are constantly bombarded with risqué images.

Folks we talked to also said that social media, entertainment like video games, and other activities keep younger people from getting bored and making irresponsible choices.

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