Students pay tribute to classmate who loved basketball, activism

NOW: Students pay tribute to classmate who loved basketball, activism

BAYSIDE, Wis. (CBS 58) -- Soon basketball players at Bayside Middle School will get the chance to step into the Supreme Court -- Philip’s Supreme Court.

It’s the perfect way to honor Philip Gutter, a boy who loved basketball and wanted to make an impact on the world.

“Philip was a child that loved sports, he loved social activism," Philip's father Booker says. "He wanted to be president at first but realized the court is probably a better way for him to affect change, so he wanted to be chief justice of the Supreme Court.”

So when Philip tragically passed away in a car accident this summer, Booker, Philip’s classmates and the community brought his passions together, raising money to build a basketball court. Philip’s Supreme Court.

Principal Jodi Hackl says, “We have an opportunity to do something really great after something really terrible. They’re honoring their friend's memory and through that honoring their memory they’re healing themselves.”

“The community has been outstanding. By this happening it’s a way of giving back,” adds Booker.

They have already raised nearly $30,000 and are hoping to have court in session this spring.

Philip's friend Willy says, “I just know how much he loved basketball and whenever I hold a basketball or shoot baskets I just always think of him.”

“When I drive by I’ll definitely look in this direction." Booker notes that he'll "see the smiles and of course remember my child.”

You can help Philip’s Supreme Court by visiting the GoFundMe page.

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