Student tests show improvement, but with some exeptions

MILWAUKEE--Results from the annual Wisconsin Knowledge and Concepts Exam (WKCE) show across the board improvement over the last 5 years.

More than 48 percent of students scored proficient on the annual math and reading test. That's up nearly 2%  from 5 years ago.

But, signifigant gaps remain between anglo, black, and hispanic students...and one leading local educator we talked with, says the problem is in the test itself.

Dr. Tony Baez says the annual exam (WKCE) is geared toward \"white\" students, and biased against students who are learning under segregation, discrimination and/or cultural differences, which may lead to explanations for low achievement among minority students.

Baez also points out that  among latin students who come from a bilingual household, managing two languages may be an obstacle that confuses them at test taking time. But are then scored and counted which ultimately brings down the overall state scores.

The bilingual committee at the Milwaukee Teachers Association will meet to talk about the nature of the test, and look for alternative testing.

The public meeting will take place Thursday at M-T-A-C beginning at 6pm.

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