Student okay after walking away from middle school in East Troy

EAST TROY, Wis. (CBS 58) -- A child is okay after walking away from a school in East Troy.

The Little Prairie Primary School says the student asked to use the restroom on Monday, and after a few minutes, a teacher checked but the child wasn't there. 

The teacher then alerted the principal.

School officials say the child was later found outside the middle school.

They say the child left through a side door to try to go home.

The East Troy Community School District released the following statement:

Yesterday morning, a Little Prairie Primary student asked to use the restroom. After a few minutes, the classroom teacher checked on the student and realized that the student was not in the bathroom. The teacher immediately notified the building principal, who enacted safety procedures, per district protocol.
During the initial steps of this protocol, the elementary school principal was informed that a middle school staff member had seen the student in question outside the building. The child was quickly brought into the middle school. It was later confirmed that the student had left the elementary building via a side door in an effort to go home.
The safety of our students is the most important priority of the East Troy Community School District. We will continue to utilize our established protocols and procedures to ensure a safe environment for each of our students.
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