Student grazed by bullet when officer's holstered gun goes off during struggle

A 13-year-old is recovering after a shooting incident at her school involving a Milwaukee police officer.

Some parents are frustrated because they didn't know what was going on and found out through the media. Others got a voicemail message, they say was lacking details.

"Earlier today, we had a serious incident at the school involving a student and the police department," the voice on the message said.

Around 1 p.m. Thursday, Milwaukee police were at Thoreau Elementary school near 60th and Bradley for an investigation.

Officers were talking to a 13-year-old girl when police said she became combative.

They tried to get control of the student and that's when an officer's holstered gun went off. The teenager was grazed by the bullet and taken to the hospital.

Investigators were on the scene hours after the incident, as parents picked up their kids from the after-school camp.

"Why was a 13-year-old struggling with the police," parent Damon Roundtree said. "Also, I want to know how could the gun go off? Was she going after the gun or what happened?"

"If guns are involved and I feel my child is going be harmed or in danger, then I would act differently and I would come and get my child," said parent Erica Bean.

In the message, the school said it delayed dismissal for student safety and that caused buses to be late.

We reached out to Milwaukee Public Schools and officials directed us back to the police department. The investigating is ongoing.


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