Story of the first Christmas comes to life in Shorewood

The story of the first Christmas came to life at St. Roberts Catholic Church in Shorewood.

The live nativity featured a cast of 20, including adults, animals, and the star of it all -- Baby Jesus.

\"I hope she understands how important this is and the spirit of the holiday and how blessed she is to play baby Jesus,\" said nativity participant Erin Butzer as she holds this year's Baby Jesus in her arms. 

CBS 58's Mike Strehlow witnessed the sacred portrayal and long-time participants say they can't get enough.

\"I was about 10 when we started it. Now I'm 25,\"  said Paul Gallo. \"I also live in Washington D.C., but I come back because it's very much part of our family tradition. We do it every Christmas Eve.\"

This is the 18th year St. Robert has staged this real-time depiction of the birth of Jesus Christ. Parishionerss volunteered countless hours working and planning to bring a powerful biblical scene to life, portraying shepherds, Wise Men, and the Holy Family.  

And of course, there is the ever-popular menagerie that includes a yak, donkey, and camel.

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