Stores begin requiring masks to gain entry

NOW: Stores begin requiring masks to gain entry

MILWAUKEE (CBS 58) -- While a handful of states have required customers to wear masks inside businesses, Wisconsin Governor Tony Evers stopped short of saying Wisconsin would.

“If Costco and others want to implement that, that’s a good business decision on their part,” Evers said.

Area grocery stores, like Roundy’s and Outpost Natural Foods, are requiring employees to wear masks.

“To protect our staff, and to protect our customers as well,” Outpost Assistant Store Manager Tony Myers said.

But Outpost and Roundy's are only asking customers to do so.

“People have been really accommodating in that regard," Myers said. "I’d say probably close to 70 percent of the customers who come into the store are wearing masks.”

Costco, Walgreens and Menards are all now requiring masks to do business with them. General Mitchell Airport says all of the airlines there have required people to wear masks.

State leaders say medical grade masks still need to be reserved for healthcare officials.

"But I think there is a cumulating reason to believe that simple face coverings in public could play an important role for preventing the spread of infection,” Bureau of Communicable Diseases Chief Medical Officer Dr. Ryan Westergaard said.

A Michigan security guard was shot to death last week after telling a customer she had to wear a mask. Walgreens has instructed employees not to confront customers who aren’t following their rules for safety.

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