Steven Zelich and online enslavement interests

 MILWAUKEE- Steven Zelich, suspect arrested after two bodies found in suitcases in Geneva, has also now been linked with several sadomasochistic websites.

CBS 58 did an internet search and turned up a number of results.

Zelich has a profile on a website called \"Collarspace.Com.\"

It's a site for people into bondage and sadomasochism aka BDSM.

On there, Zelich is pictured sitting on a couch and goes by the name \"Mr. Handcuffs\"

He describes himself as a dominant male.

According to the site, he joined in 2007 and last logged on Wednesday, the day his home was raided and he was arrested.

The  description of what he's looking for on  collar space is very specific to total enslavement.

He says in part

\"Seeking a long term 24/7 slave for absolute ownership/slavery....there's nothing better than a slave tied tight, gagged, blindfolded, hooded, chained, caged...Or being lead by her collar w/ leash wearing wrist and ankle manacles.\"

In a public group called \"Masterb_slave_club\", Zelich said he's the one who wants to be enslaved, ideally in a farm/caged situation.

This an online missing persons ad looking for Laura Simonson, one of Zelich's alleged victims, it describes Zelich as keeping the 37 year old naked, handcuffed, shackled and caged, with no intention of ever releasing her.


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