Sterling Brown's attorney wants judge to toss Milwaukee's $400K settlement

MILWAUKEE (CBS 58) -- Sterling Brown's lawyer wants a judge to throw out Milwaukee's $400,000 settlement offer. This stems from Brown's arrest and tasing last year, in a Walgreens parking lot. 

In the latest filing, Brown's attorney argues that city has dragged its feet on justice just to make the lawsuit go away. He says that strategy, forcing them to spend significant time and money was a waste, because he says Milwaukee knew the police officers violated Brown's Civil Rights from the start. 

Brown was handcuffed, taken down, and tased for parking across two handicapped spaces in January of 2018. 

Brown's attorney says in this court filing, he's got plenty of evidence showing the city knew it screw up and has used the delaying strategy to cover up the truth and force Brown to spend big money to get at it. 

The city disagrees and says Brown's attorney is just trying to force the city to cough up more money to pay for an unreasonably expensive lawsuit. 

It's unclear when the judge will issue a ruling on the motion. 

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