Staying mild, getting more unsettled with time

NOW: Staying mild, getting more unsettled with time

MILWAUKEE (CBS 58)--I feel like our seasons have been pushed back a month or so.  Like today.  It feels more like September compared to early October.  We'll be well in the 70s today, at least 10 degrees above normal and even warmer on Sunday with some of us close to 80 degrees. 

Into next week, it stays mild even though we'll have more clouds and scattered precipitation on and off.  We have a couple of good chances of rain and storms, especially later Monday into Tuesday and then late Wednesday into Thursday.  Two different weather systems will impact us. Some of the storms and rainfall could be heavier.  We still need the rain so much.  The deficit is more than 10 inches for a lot of us.  

I finally see signs of fall by next weekend with highs then in the 50s and 60s with lows in the 30s and 40s!  So hang on.  Jacket weather is coming.

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