Stay Warm during The Winter & Stave off A Cold!

A new study from the Yale School of Medicine finds the rhinovirus, known as the most frequent cause of the common cold, reproduces more efficiently in colder weather.

The research involved examining airway cells taken from mice.  Some of the cells were kept at 98.6 degrees, others at 91.4 degrees.  This temperature, by the way, is the average reading in our nostrils. It was discovered the cooler temperatures apparently undercut the cells' defenses. Keep in mind other viruses, like the influenza, tend to happen during the winter as well. 

The most potent viruses are still those able to replicate at our higher core body temperature (98.6°.)  Obviously, avoiding exposure in the first place would help overall.  But, the experts say 20% of people, at any give time, have the rhinovirus and don't realize it.  So bundling up before heading out, may just do the trick to stop the germs in their tracks. 

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