State Patrol to use aerial enforcement in Waukesha County on Thursday

WAUKESHA COUNTY, Wis. (CBS 58) -- Speeders will be caught from the sky on Thursday, May 20. Wisconsin State Patrol plans to use aircraft and ground-based officers to enforce speed limits and other traffic laws this week.

Officials say an aerial enforcement mission is planned for Thursday on I-94 in Waukesha County.

Officials say the State Patrol analyzes data on traffic citations, crash reports, and related information to identify highway corridors for enforcement initiatives. 

“Excessive speed was a contributing factor to a large number of 2020’s fatal crashes,” Superintendent Anthony Burrell. “We choose to announce enforcement efforts like this to remind the public of the need to observe speed limits. The goal is public safety through voluntary compliance with traffic laws – not to stop or cite motorists.”

If weather conditions are unfavorable for flying, enforcement will proceed using ground-based units.

According to a news release, State Patrol aircraft use a timing device known as VASCAR (Visual Average Speed Computer and Recorder) along with highway markings to determine vehicle speeds. When pilots detect speeders, aggressive or reckless drivers, they contact ground-based units to initiate a traffic stop.

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