State Patrol Captures Woman after 24 Mile, 125 MPH Chase in Waukesha County

On Thursday, February 9, at approximately 8:45pm, a WI State Trooper was finishing up a traffic stop on I-94 in Waukesha County when a 52-year-old woman from Pennsylvania rapidly stopped just short of striking the back of the Trooper’s cruiser.

The woman told the Trooper she had just taken drugs of some type. The Trooper recognized something was wrong with the individual, removed the keys from the vehicle and requested an ambulance.

The driver then took out a spare key fled in the vehicle as the Trooper pursued.

Speeds reached approximately 125 mph and the woman nearly struck other vehicles as she continued at a high rate of speed. Tire deflation attempts were unsuccessful and after 24 miles of being chased the woman pulled over and fled on foot.

The Trooper was able to take suspect into custody after a brief foot pursuit.

The woman was was transported via ambulance to Aurora Summit Medical Center. A drug recognition expert was called in to identify if the driver was on some type of narcotic and an adult crisis worker responded to the medical center to perform an evaluation on the driver.

At this point it is unknown if or what drugs the driver was on.

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