State law allows voters to change their ballot before Election Day

If you submitted an early voting ballot, there's no turning back, but if you submitted an in-person, absentee ballot-- you're in luck if you want to change your vote. 

State law allows Wisconsin voters to submit a second absentee ballot if they change their mind on certain candidates or a referendum question.  The practice is known as \"spoiling the ballot.\" 

Election officials say unlike early voting ballots, in-person absentee votes are not counted until Election Day, and the second ballot makes the first one invalid. 

\"It's not like they have two ballots in the election, one cancels out the other,\" said Neil Albrecht, Election Commissioner for the City of Milwaukee. 

Voters who submitted in-person absentee have until 7 PM Friday to change their ballot.  Early voting ends on Halloween night.  Election Day is November 4th.        
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