St. John's School to Resume on Friday after Mayville Flooding

After flooding closed down two schools in Mayville on September 7th, the waters have now receded. 

Parkview Elementary resumed classes on September 8th. 

On the 9th, the second school, St. John's Lutheran School will open back up.

There's not much evidence of Wednesday's flood in Mayville. Teachers at St. John's spent all day cleaning up what waters left behind. 

Teachers mopped and disinfected the floors, and put back books and papers that were moved in anticipation of the flood. While some water did get inside the school before sandbags were placed around the perimeter, it was unmeasurable. Yesterday, teachers and students were able squeegee all the water outside.

Outside the school, the flood waters were directed through the playground and past the school grounds. Volunteers spent the afternoon lifting heavy, wet sandbags that were no longer needed.

There was also damage to the school grounds.

"We've got a little bit of playground. There's a few gullys there from where the water went through cause it went right down our playground area. We'll have a little bit of landscaping to do on the other side too, but otherwise we're doing pretty good compared to where we were at yesterday at this time," said Kay Koeniter,  St. Johns Lutheran School Principal.

Tammy Bushke, a middle school teacher at St. Johns, helped clean up after the flood. She says many students also volunteered and helped. The day after, a number of students picked up dead fish that had gotten stuck in the grass and on the playground as waters rushed past the school.

"I think the students or a lot of the students came and volunteered to help yesterday. A lot of students volunteered to come again today to  clean up. I think it was a learning experience. I know there's some kids here now to help with the sandbag brigade, but I think it was also the kids learned a lesson about safety because we talked a lot of about the fact the waters were rushing fast and what could have happened," said Bushke.

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