Springtime means a budding business for flowers at Tosa's Alfa Flower & Wedding Shop

NOW: Springtime means a budding business for flowers at Tosa’s Alfa Flower & Wedding Shop

The National Retail Federation says we’ll be buying close to two billion dollars worth of flowers for Mother’s Day. Shops like Alfa Flower & Wedding Shop in Wauwatosa thrive during this time of the year. You throw weddings into the mix, and you have a potential cash cow. The store’s owner ensures customers she only works with the freshest of quality. For anyone who plans on ordering in the next week, Katie Poulos strongly recommends only going through a local business. Otherwise you risk not knowing what you’re getting when the bouquet shows up at your door. The address of the shop is 7001 W. North Avenue in Wauwatosa.

Flower Care:

The experts say the sooner you can order, the better chance of guaranteeing the flowers arrive on time, and there’s a greater likelihood you get the arrangement you want.

Tips for Ordering Locally...

Various Alfa Workshops...

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