Spike in Home Burglaries in Mequon

The City of Mequon has seen a spike in home burglaries during the day recently where large amounts of jewelry and cash have been taken. The areas where the burglars seem to hit are in affluent neighborhoods often with retired or elderly residents.

The burglars usually drive through the subdivisions looking for people who are leaving their house to go to an appointment or run an errand. Once the suspects believe the home is empty one of them goes up to knock to verify no one is home. After seeing that no one is home the burglars will kick in the door or use a crowbar to open the door and search for jewelry and cash.

According to Mequon Police electronics such as TVs, computers or cell phones are not taken. 

Some residents have reported a dark colored minivan or SUV that was used in the incidents. An exact vehicle or license plate is not known. 

If you see something suspicious you are encouraged to call the Mequon Police Department using 911 or (262) 242-3500.

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