SPECIAL REPORT: The Mystery of Baby Sarah

SPECIAL REPORT: The Mystery of Baby Sarah

The Waukesha Police Department is trying to solve a mystery, who left a newborn baby at the bottom of a sewer drain. The discovery was made in January 1975, and has gone unsolved since then. She was given the name "Baby Sarah." Now, there's a major resurgence in the case. There's DNA and a witness who has come forward.

"The baby was right about, some place in here, and she was going like this," said that man, as he described seeing a woman near the storm drain at Birch Drive and Irving Place in late 1974.

At first, he thought it was a doll, but found out months later it was, in fact, a baby.

"Obviously she didn't have a voice, she had no say in what happened to her that particular day," said Detective Tim Probst. "It's unfortunate that we have no further leads at this point."

The case was reopened last year, Baby Sarah was exhumed to collect DNA which was sent to University of North Texas. DNA was also collected from people who detectives were able to track down and talk to.

"We talked to people in Northern Wisconsin, Ohio," Det. Probst said.

Nobody is labeled a suspect and there are no charges. Detective Probst wants to hear from you now if you remember anything about the Baby Sarah case from 1975. You can reach him directly at (262)524-3814.

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