Special Report: Business of professional organizing is now more popular than ever

Special Report: Business of professional organizing is now more popular than ever


WISCONSIN (CBS 58) -- Most of us can admit that we have a lot of stuff. Getting rid of it may seem daunting, but some people are now hiring others to do that for them.

The business of professional organizing is now more popular than ever. 

Alexis Bellmoff admits she has too much stuff. "My thing is like oh I'll put it in the closet, I'll toss it under the bed."

Instead of tackling the mess alone, she hired professional help.

Professional organizing is a booming industry.

From young professionals to families with kids, and empty nesters downsizing - more and more people want help at home.

You can see the trend on social media as posts of spotless spaces are racking up the likes.

In southeast Wisconsin, there are a handful of companies you can hire.

Liz Girsch is the owner of Neat Method Milwaukee. She says her business is more than just decluttering. Her workers provide a personal touch too.

"We get to know them, their lifestyle, their priorities and expectations for their space, so we can talk through purging. It's one of the hardest parts," said Liz Girsch, Owner at Neat Method Milwaukee.

The most popular request Neat Method Milwaukee gets is to conquer the closet but the company can do so much more. 

"Everything in your home that could be organized, the garage to the closet to the kid's pantry to the kid's nursery rooms."

The pros can even get your digital life in order.

"Like even photo organizers is just a niche thing for professional organizers or tech organizing where it's just your computer and email, things like that," said Jessica Kennedy with the National Association of Productivity and Organizing Professionals.

Most appointments start with a consultation. The cost for one depends on the company. Some charge up to $50. In other cases, it's free.

"From there we can give them a time estimate of how long we anticipate spending to get organized. Then charge an hourly rate from there," said Kennedy.

Organizing your entire house can cost thousands but those who choose to pay the pros say it's worth it.

Belmoff was shocked at the transformation her studio underwent in just a few hours.

"This feels like a totally new apartment and it went by really quickly," said Belmoff.

Moving forward, she's hoping to keep her space decluttered and organized.

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