Speaker Ryan Stops at Oak Creek and Racine Businesses

NOW: Speaker Ryan Stops at Oak Creek and Racine Businesses

Speaker Paul Ryan is pushing forward with his next large agenda item, tax reform.

In two southeast Wisconsin stops, Ryan talked about his desire to reform the nation’s tax code this year.

Ryan spoke with employees at WPC Technologies in Oak Creek, and Burlington Graphic Systems in Racine.

While at WPC Technologies, Ryan said, "We are taxing American manufacturers; in many cases at double the tax rate our foreign competitors are taxing theirs. That makes us really uncompetitive."

Ryan also said he wants to close loopholes in the tax code, and said he expects some special interests to fight Congress on that.

Ryan said, "That means you don't get a special deal for your specific industry, but every industry will get lower tax rates as a result so that we're all more competitive."

At his stop in Oak Creek, Ryan also called North Korea his top foreign policy concern.

He said, "That's something we cannot accept, a North Korea with a nuclear weapon they can deliver over a long range. And so it is a real problem. We need more help from the Chinese, who have a lot of influence in North Korea."

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