Speaker Ryan says failed Senate healthcare bill "extremely frustrating"

NOW: Speaker Ryan says failed Senate healthcare bill “extremely frustrating“

During at stop at Banker Wire in Mukwonago, House Speaker Paul Ryan said the failed Senate healthcare bill was "extremely frustrating."

The comment came after a Banker Wire employee first praised Ryan for helping accomplish some Republican objectives, but the employee then aired his frustration that Republicans don't seem to be doing enough in Washington D.C.

The employee, who did not give his name, said, "You're in there now, all I see is in fighting, it's very dysfunctional. I don't see any plans for anything, and all that's happening is fighting."

Ryan responded, "Believe me, I understand your frustration. I feel it right now. When the Senate went down, meaning when they didn't pass that healthcare bill which we thought they were going to pass. I really believed that night before, I talked to Ron Johnson that night, we thought this was done. So when one senator flipped his vote, or voted the way we didn't think he was going to and went down, it was extremely frustrating."

Ryan was at Banker Wire to pitch a change to the tax code. He also answered employee questions on healthcare, net neutrality, and the impact of Foxconn coming to Wisconsin. Ryan did not hold a media availability Wednesday afternoon.

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