Speaker Ryan: "Hillary Clinton is not above the law"

Speaker of the House, Paul Ryan (R-Wisconsin), says he wants to see all the unclassified documents the FBI has related to the investigation into former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton's email use. Ryan also says Clinton should not have any access to classified info while she's running for president.

Ryan explained, "In three weeks time she is supposed to get access to the most sensitive classified material our government has."

Thursday, Ryan sent a letter to the Director of National Intelligence asking that no classified information be given to Clinton after she formally becomes the Democratic Party’s Presidential nominee.

Ryan said, "I got access to this when I was Mitt Romney's running mate after the [2012 Republican] Convention."

Governor Scott Walker said he agrees with Ryan’s request to prevent Clinton from having access to classified information.

Walker said, "If it was anyone other than the nominee of their party, she would be prohibited from having access to classified information. It just shows the incredible double standard in Washington and why I think Americans, regardless of party, people are fed up."

The Clinton campaign said in a statement Thursday afternoon, “The [FBI] director's explanations shut the door on any remaining conspiracy theories once and for all. While Republicans may try to keep this issue alive, this hearing proved those efforts will only backfire."

Ryan responded to that saying, "I think the Clinton campaign is going to go into overdrive politically to try to get past this, get beyond this, and get people not to pay attention to this."

Ryan says today's hearing was about getting truth, answers, and accountability. While the Clinton campaign says the hearing was politically motivated.

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