Speaker Paul Ryan praises Foxconn bill shortly after Governor Walker signs legislation

NOW: Speaker Paul Ryan praises Foxconn bill shortly after Governor Walker signs legislation

Foxconn is a big step closer to breaking ground in the state on Monday when Governor Scott Walker signed the bill providing the massive $3 billion in tax credits for the company.

At Harley Davidson Monday, Speaker Paul Ryan (R-Janesville) had a lot to say about soon-to-be Foxconn facility, which will like be located in his district.

“What this does for Wisconsin is bring a whole new sector to our economy that are great jobs, but a whole new sector of jobs that are high skilled, high manufacturing,” said Speaker Ryan.

Ryan says the deal will help keep young, talented workers in the state.

“When with the Foxconn deal and things like this, we can help keep good, family supporting jobs right here in Wisconsin,” Speaker Ryan said.

And the incentives package the Governor signed Monday, includes money to devote to worker training, a piece of the puzzle Speaker Ryan says is key.

“Now we have more work to do to close that skills gap,” Speaker Ryan said. “To make sure people can get the skills they need to get the careers they want.”

But not everyone is singing the praises of the deal. Environmental groups, from the get-go, blasted the lack of environmental protections included in the legislation.

“You can have economic development and use technology to clean the water,” said John Dickert, the president and CEO of Great Lakes Cities Initiative. “So we just want to make sure that's part of the deal because [we’re worried] if the governor sets a precedent that you can come in, take our water and degrade it as much as you want.”

Now that the legislation is signed, the Wisconsin Economic Development Corporation will negotiate the contract with Foxconn, which will include specific jobs goals that need to be met before tax credits are issued. The contract should be wrapped up by October 1 and before that date it’s expected the location of the facility to be announced.

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