Speaker Paul Ryan and Gov. Scott Walker speak to local Republicans at annual Lincoln Day Dinner

NOW: Speaker Paul Ryan and Gov. Scott Walker speak to local Republicans at annual Lincoln Day Dinner

KENOSHA COUNTY, Wis. (CBS 58) -- House Speaker Paul Ryan was in Kenosha County on Friday.

He and Governor Scott Walker spoke to local Republicans at the annual Lincoln Day Dinner.

The two came to talk about their accomplishments and offered a reminder of how close November's election is.

"Do you know why I told that? That's an Irish joke," Speaker Paul Ryan said. With some laughs out of the way, including nostalgia about both lawmakers working at McDonald's.

"The difference between Paul and I, honest to God truth, is Paul's manager told him he had to flip hamburgers in the back because he didn't have the interpersonal skills to run the front register," said Governor Scott Walker.

The speeches quickly shifted to politics. Speaker Paul Ryan spoke early in the evening, saying he wanted to spend the remainder with his kids.

"One person in the Senate did this instead of that and that one vote took the biggest entitlement reform bill, the biggest spending cut, in the history Congress has ever considered," said Speaker Paul Ryan.

Paul Ryan didn't say his name but talked about the healthcare bills that failed after John McCain voted no.

The Senator voted down two federal health care bills in 2017 saying he could not "in good conscience, vote for the proposal."

The Speaker and the Governor focused on business.

"I love coming down to Kenosha County to break ground, to open up new facilities, to open up new structures, to celebrate new advances because amazing things are happening in this state," Speaker Ryan said.

Combined, Speaker Ryan and Governor Walker spoke for roughly an hour.

Paul Ryan challenger Randy Bryce released the following statement ahead of the event:

"It is unacceptable that Speaker Ryan has not only failed to designate significant new resources to the opioid crisis following the President's declaration of a public health emergency, but that he also continues to take campaign contributions from irresponsible pharmaceutical corporations. Paul Ryan is no longer looking out for the Wisconsin families and communities who are trying to fight back against this crisis, he is looking out for the donors and lobbyists he's seen every day in Washington for last two decades in office."

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