Southridge Mall moves bus stops 350 ft. from entrance

GREENDALE -- Despite objections from the local disabled community among other, Southridge Mall has moved its bus stops away from the mall entrance. 

Several are upset with Simon Properties, the mall's owners, after they made the decision to move bus stops off their property. The Milwaukee County Transit System tried their best to ease riders frustrations by having someone answering questions at the mall.

Fred Broncatti is handicapped and needs to use a walker to get around. He had no problem sharing his feelings about the extra 350 feet he'll have to walk to get to Southridge Mall. \"I'm just upset at the way they are handling this whole situation,\" says Broncatti.

Many people like Broncatti gathered to protest the bus stops relocation just a week ago. The local Vice President of the Transit Union James Macon sides with the protesters. He says, \"This is a joke. they don't want the people in here, just say you don't want the people in here.\"

Mall management released a statement saying:

\"The bus stop relocations is in effect thanks to the cooperation of the Milwaukee County Transit System. As always, we remain committed to the everyone's safety at Southridge Mall.\"


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