Southern Wisconsin on course for more mosquitos than last year

NOW: Southern Wisconsin on course for more mosquitos than last year

WISCONSIN (CBS 58) -- If you've been enjoying not seeing a ton of bugs so far this year, that could be coming to an end.

Experts on mosquitos said we could see more than last year.

"The phones are kind of ringing off the hook right now," said co-owner of Mosquito Joe in Waukesha County David Lepak.

He said he's on track to spray more than he did last year, despite a cold April.

PJ Liesch, UW-Madison bug expert, said weather is the biggest factor.

"I think we're going to see more mosquitos than we did in 2021. Again, dry conditions last year kind of suppressed their numbers," said Liesch.

He said all this rain over the past few weeks has provided good spots for the females to lay eggs. 

Liesch said while he doesn't know if populations this year will set records, he's already seen a lot of large larva in puddles around Madison.

"It wouldn't surprise me at all if we started seeing a lot more mosquitos out and about in Southern Wisconsin in the next few weeks or so," said Liesch.

To keep them away, Liesch said spray with Deet, or lemon and eucalyptus oil works great.

Lepak said their low-toxin spray creates a barrier on plants around your yard that mosquitos don't have the stamina to clear.

"When mosquitos come in contact with that treated foliage, they'll die," said Lepak.

Making sure there isn't even a bottle cap's worth of standing water in your yard will also help keep them away.

"That female mosquito that just mated and is looking for somewhere to lay her eggs, they can lay their eggs in something that small," said Lepak.

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