Some small businesses upgrade credit card readers to read new chip technology

Banks and finance institutions continue rolling out chips in its credit cards to stregthen security measures and protect customers from fraud. However, it will keep the magnetic stripes in order to work in the older machines. Each time a credit card with a chip is used to shop, it creates a new code.

The new EMV chip technology card is supposed to make it harder for thieves to duplicate credits cards. 

Ruth Stout opened up her business Barstool Central 13 years ago in Brookfield and until about a year ago she changed her card reader machine.

\"I think we can feel very confident when our customers ask us, is it safe to use our credit card here?\" she said. \"In the 13 years that we've been here, we've never had any checks gone bad, we've just been very fortunate but I think being a smaller business like this we don't have to worry about that as much.\"   

 The chip technology has been used in other countries.  

\"I'm glad about it because other countries have had it for a while and I think it will make less issues of fraudulence,\" Stout said. 

Even though credit cards may have the chip, it will still have the magnetic stripe in case its used on an older card reader.

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