Some Milwaukee Drivers Are Skeptical of New Tow Rules

Just because the city is relaxing on some of those winter parking rules for the next week or so, doesn't mean you're off the hook for getting your car towed.

"I woke up, look outside, my car was just gone,” James Hill said.

Between odd/even parking rules, hourly patrols, and winter restrictions you might find yourself at the impound at least once to get your car.

"They gave me a ticket at 11:04, they towed my car at 12:04 they didn't give me no time to move it. It's the 22nd we done spent enough money,” Hill said.

But if you are at the mercy of a tow driver one big thing changes January 1.

Catch them in the process of hooking your vehicle, and you can tell them to drop it for only $50 on the spot.

You have to ask before their done and both private and city towers would have to provide a receipt cutting down on private tow companies charging sometimes $300 to drop a car.

Driver Lakreeshia Walton isn't buying it.

"When we run out there and say please, I'll give you anything, 'well, we can't take any payments' Now y'all want money? No, no, cause last year, y'all didn't want money. Why y'all want money now? It's always about money,” Walton said.

Also to protect drivers from illegal tows, all companies now have to be licensed and can't tow your vehicle outside of the city.


And by law they have to let you get your personal items out for free.

However, city leaders say it's best to not get towed in the first place.

Another good thing for those who are towed by the city, weekend hours will be extended to give people more time to pick up their cars.


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