Some members of Milwaukee's Common Council teaming up against Police Chief Ed Flynn

NOW: Some members of Milwaukee’s Common Council teaming up against Police Chief Ed Flynn

Some members of Milwaukee's Common Council are teaming up against Police Chief Ed Flynn.

Those aldermen hope to gain enough power to oust Flynn from office.

It all started during a discussion about how to use money seized during police arrests. The discussion about Chief Flynn's policies spiraled from there. Now, some council members are hoping to get the power to fire Chief Flynn from the state.

Right now, The Fire and Police Commission has the power to fire Milwaukee's Chief with probable cause. Some council members have written a proposal to be able to have that power too. Then, they have to present it to a state legislator who will issue it as a bill. If it's approved, state law will change and the council will have that power. 

We spoke with Alderman Tony Zielinski who says there are a number of different council members who have issues with the chief. He believes there's a good chance the council will pass the proposal and get the process started. 

"Everyday I get calls from constituents that are complaining about the crime in this city. They tell me every day that the crime is unacceptable and something needs to be done. And I think the police chief needs to do more when it comes to public safety," said Alderman Tony Zielinski.

Mayor Tom Barrett's Office had the following to say: "I will oppose any attempt to dilute and undermine the statutory authority of the citizen member Fire and Police Commission. The Commission is a national model. Politicizing the operations of the fire and police departments is horrible public policy and would run contrary to the principles of citizen oversight and engagement."

The Milwaukee Police Department isn't commenting on the situation at this time.

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