Some local stores plan to buck recent trend, won't be open Thanksgiving

BROOKFIELD --Historically, Black Friday has been the unofficial start of holiday shopping.  But with increasing competition and sales pressure - stores like Walmart, Target, and Macy's will open on Thanksgiving night - cutting into family time.  

\"I don't like it. I just think it's too soon, it's too rushed. You can't enjoy the holiday feel,\" Jeanie Michalski said.

\"I think it's kind of a good idea because people can go to the stores after a Thanksgiving meal,\" Tom Michalski said.  \"If there's nothing else to do just to pick up something they see on sale in the paper.\"

Many stores this year will open Thanksgiving night to bring shoppers in.  

\"I mean if you can't enjoy Thanksgiving and you have to run to the store, it's not for me, not my cup of tea,\" Jeanie said.

People seem to be split about what's a good time to open.  For two Wisconsin companies, the choice is easy.  

\"We just feel that it's a very important day to spend with family, friends,\" Stan's Fit for your Feet President Jim Sajdak said.  \"To get reenergized to take time to be thankful and not to open at crazy hours.\"

Stan's Fit for your Feet has three locations in Southeast Wisconsin.  Those stores will not be open Thanksgiving.

Sajdak thinks it boosts employee morale.

\"They're always happy when they don't have to work on a holiday and you know what, that's great because if you have happy employees, you have happy customers.\"

Culver's gives franchise owners the option.  Mike Busalacchi owns three in our area - they won't be open.

\"We feel really strongly that our employees should be able to spend with their families,\" Busalacchi said.

He says there's a need for some restaurants to be open - but Culver's isn't one of them.

\"Not everybody has a family to be with, I think the right kind of restaurant the right place, there is a need sometimes to be open.\"

A recent National Retail Federation survey says 33 million shoppers plan to shop on Thanksgiving Day.

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