Social Development Commission seeks restraining order against Milwaukee County

Social Development Commission this week filed an emergency motion with Milwaukee County Circuit Court seeking a temporary restraining order against Milwaukee County. The injunction is to stop Milwaukee County from awarding of contracts to UMOS and Community Advocates for the 2015-16 Wisconsin Home Energy Assistance Contract.

Department of Health and Human Services Director Hector Colon issued contracts to Community Advocates and UMOS under emergency authority.

 At the July 30 meeting of the Milwaukee County Board of Supervisors, the board voted against approval of the contracts for UMOS and Community Advocates, and in favor of extending the contracts of the current providers, SDC and Community Advocates, for a six-month period. 

“SDC felt it was necessary to seek an injunction because the County’s administration blatantly violated what is clearly spelled out in our state statutes,” said SDC CEO George Hinton. “The administration is setting a dangerous precedent by acting as though the law is something that can be applied selectively.” Hinton went on to say, “Director Colon’s disregard for the decision made by our County Supervisors, and thus the will of the people, is deeply disturbing.”

A judge will hear SDC’s motion for injunctive relief on the afternoon of Friday, August 14.

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