Snow slams southeast Wisconsin, breaks records in several areas

NOW: Snow slams southeast Wisconsin, breaks records in several areas

MILWAUKEE (CBS 58) – The snow slam from Monday into Tuesday broke records around several southern parts of our area. This was especially true in Racine and Kenosha, they got more than a foot of snow.

“The snow is really deep and even with the snowblower, there’s no place to blow it,” says John Harrison as he cleared his property.

This was just one of several cleanup attempts Harrison tackled during the day.

It was a big job clearing off his and his neighbor’s property.

“It kind of caught me by surprise how much there was and how drifty it is,” says Harrison. “And that’s the hard part. Even with a snowblower it’s very hard to get at.”

The city of Racine first focused on the main streets. Once the plows got those done, they branched out onto neighboring streets.

They expect snow removal operations to run through Tuesday night and into Wednesday.

“I’ve been out here since about 6:30 this morning keeping up with it,” says Horace Cole, as he too cleared his property in Racine. “It’s a light snow.”

Icy roads were an issue in Kenosha. Law enforcement responded to at least 13 property damage crashes, 90 motorist assists and three crashes with injuries.

“Be very, very careful with the snow because it can be very fatiguing, and it certainly can surprise you how exhausted you can get,” says Harrison.

Officials stress the importance of moving cars off the roads to help with the cleanup effort.

This includes following alternate side parking rules.

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