Snow Plow Drivers Train at Mitchell International Airport

Local DPW crews are brushing up on their plowing skills as Milwaukee County readies drivers for their upcoming winter calls.

The county's insurance company is hosting a training and education program at Mitchell International Airport.

They call it a Road-eo and they have been doing it for 10 years. 

Plow drivers are tested on several maneuvers they might have to perform after a winter storm. 

"Backing up is a very vulnerable position.  A lot of public can get up too close behind them.  So there are times when they have to clear an intersection, so it's kind of a Y maneuver and they have to back up at that point..  Staff here at the airport, when they have to negotiate the serpentine, they'll get out of their truck and look at me and say 'well that's new, we have a rule here at the airport, we never back up,” said a trainer.

The Road-eo continues tomorrow.

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