Slushy snow pushes Milwaukee's yearly snow total just over average

NOW: Slushy snow pushes Milwaukee’s yearly snow total just over average

A slushy snow fell across southeast Wisconsin from Monday afternoon through early Tuesday morning. Snow totals were light with most of southeast Wisconsin seeing right around an inch and slightly higher totals in southern areas than northern ones. 

The 0.8" officially picked up in Milwaukee was enough to push our snowfall total since October to exactly average. Milwaukee needed just 0.7" to satisfy the yearly average for snow and got just a bit more. That means even if we don't see any more snow the rest of March and April that we will still end the season above-average on snow.

Milwaukee is also running about 10" above last year's snowfall through today's date. It was a decent run of snow especially from the end of January through most of February.

A few snowflakes can't be ruled out with our next round of precipitation from Wednesday afternoon through Thursday. Most of that precipitation looks to fall as rain showers but a few snowflakes can't be ruled out.

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