SLIDESHOW: Renderings of Revamped Grand Avenue Mall Unveiled

The new owners of the Shops of the Grand Avenue unveiled their vision to the public for the first time Monday. They showed how they think the mall will transform that area of the city back to life.  

"It's going to combine office, with the retail, with an urban market place with one of Milwaukee's best urban grocery stores," explained Chris Socha, the project architect. 

The first floor of the current mall area will become an urban market place. It will combine both retail and food.

The second and third stories will become office spaces. Parts of the current atrium will be filled in to build more floor space. 

Socha says one of the main concepts of the project is to bring the outdoors inside.

"This is going to become a place that's no longer a suburban mall. It's really a living breathing city fabric full of so many reasons to be here," Socha continued.

The project will also use every space available including alleyways. 

Physical changes to the mall could begin within the next 12 to 18 months.

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