SLIDE SHOW: CBS 58 Attends Milwaukee Brewers Spring Training

Brett Phillips gave levity to last year's spring training with the laugh that went viral.

CBS 58’s Kevin Holden and Scott Grodsky had barely set up the camera when catcher Manny Piña grabbed the mic and got Phillips to do an encore.  

Phillips laughed so hard his sides were cramping, and his teammates and coaches have the same reaction.

Those outbursts are a laughing matter, but in prospect terms, Phillips is a serious contender to make it to the big leagues in Milwaukee, and he's focused on his game.

  "So that was the first time I have laughed in camp by the way. What are we, a week and a half in, and I have not laughed yet because I've been trying to stay professional I guess you could say. I still smile a lot and laugh, but last year it was an every day thing. This year I'm trying to keep it to a minimum,” said Phillips.

Phillips dealt with injuries last season in AA. He would like to start in AAA at Colorado Springs, but either way, fans in Milwaukee should be cheering for and laughing alongside Phillips soon. 

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