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Slender Man stabbing suspect still believes Slender Man is real

She squirmed about in her chair as experts tried to argue for a judge to send her case back to juvenile court.

Morgan Geyser is charged with stabbing a fellow classmate and apparently doesn't want to let go of the horror fantasy that police say motivated the attack.

Testimony wrapped up on Thursday. A judge will decide if the case will be moved out of adult court in August. Psychiatrists agree that Geyser suffers from Schizophrenia and believe it's getting worse.

\"To make me stop believing in Slender man would make me delusional. It would make me someone that I'm not,\" according to Dr. Kenneth Casimir Geyser told him that during an interview.

Thursday she swayed back and forth in her chair as she listened to what doctors said about her.

\"She has a bed that she's found. Snape, who is one of the people she has conversations with, will sometimes come and sleep overnight and she'll make sure that Snape is properly taken care of,\" said Dr. Kenneth Robbins.

She told doctors she doesn't want treatment because she likes the voices in her head. Psychiatrists said Geyser suffers from Schizophrenia.

\"In this case 12 is early, so early that its rare,\" said Casimir.

Geyser is 13-year-old, she was 12 at the time of the stabbing.

Morgan's father also had symptoms that were psychotic in nature when he was younger.

\"It is clear that when you have a relative that has Schizophrenia, you might have Schizophrenia,\" said Casimir.

The defense psychiatrist told a judge he doesn't believe she will get the care she needs in an adult jail.

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