'Slender Man' movie not playing in Milwaukee area

NOW: ’Slender Man’ movie not playing in Milwaukee area

Sony pictures latest horror movie, "Slender Man," opens this Friday in theaters around the country, but you won't find it playing in the Milwaukee area.

Marcus Theaters has decided not to show the movie in Milwaukee or Waukesha Counties.

It's based on the fictional character, Slender Man that inspired two Waukesha girls,  Anissa Weier and Morgan Geyser who tabbed their friend 19 times, nearly killing her.

In a statement, the company said: "After careful consideration, and out of respect for those who were impacted, we have decided not to play the upcoming Slender Man movie in Milwaukee and Waukesha counties."

While some might be eager to head to the box office to see the movie, several people in Waukesah told CBS 58 they're against it.

"Well, some people would call that entertainment. I don't call that entertainment. I think they got a screw loose of they wanna watch that kinda stuff," said Tom Caravello.

Others agreed.

"If we already know the impact... it had on these girls, I don't see the reason why a movie needs to be made about it, further encouraging kids about it," added Meghan Parsche.

For those who do want to watch the movie, they'll have to drive a distance. Marcus Theaters is only showing it in six theaters in the state, the nearest being Sheboygan.

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