Sizzling Temperatures By the Weekend!

It’s June, folks! Mother Nature can have a mind of her own, but she is with the times and the times are saying it’s going to get HOT this weekend!

A large upper-level ridge will shift into the Great Lakes by Saturday sending a west-southwest flow overhead. This will keep the lake breeze away and drive a major heatwave into southeastern Wisconsin. On average, we typically see 2 or 3 days in June with highs in the 90s. Last year we had 3, this stretch we could see 3 days! Highs will soar close to 90 on Saturday. The hottest days will be from Sunday through Tuesday with the temperatures approaching 90, if not in the 90’s. It’s not just the heat you will have to worry about. The humidity will be a major force as well. Dew points, the measure of moisture in the atmosphere will climb into the 60s and possibly around 70. Once in the 60s, it feels muggy. If you skyrocket around 70 for the dew point, it just feels miserable outside.

The sizzling temperatures linger into Tuesday before a cold front swoops and bumps the numbers back down to reality. This cold front won’t be potent, yet enough to stir up showers and thunderstorms by Tuesday.

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