Single mom overcomes adversity to graduate from Carroll University

NOW: Single mom overcomes adversity to graduate from Carroll University

More than 670 students walked across the stage to receive their diplomas. Hundreds of families and friends supporting their loved ones including Valdeta Idrizi.

On Mother's Day, Idrizi is cheering on her mom, Addie Osmani. 

"I've been wanting to be a nurse for about 15 years," said Osmani.

On Sunday, her dreams of getting her college degree in nursing became a reality.

“The feeling of just absolute excitement and joy just to be done with school so my family can have me back and the accomplishment is just surreal," said Osmani.

But her journey to get her diploma was an uphill battle. At the age of 16, Osmani found herself in an arranged marriage and was surrounded by negativity. She worked in a nursing home for the UW Health System but always dreamed of getting her degree. 

More than four years ago, she quit her job and went back to school. She drove more than an hour from Fort Atkinson to get to school everyday and took a night job to support her kids. 

Osmani is now inspiring her 20-year-old daughter who is studying nursing. 

“The feeling that it can be done no matter what age, no matter what obstacles you come across. You really can accomplish anything," said Osmani.

She has received three job offers and will be working as an O.B. nurse at a hospital near Madison in July. 

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